Vampire? It sounds painful, but it’s actually the latest beauty treatment that keeps wrinkles
away and beautiful skin. A celebrity secret tick… shhh! The Vampire Facial is not painful at all!
Some numbing cream is applied to the areas to be treated, so it is actually a very comfortable
treatment with amazing results. Lots of celebrities are huge fans of The Vampire Facial and was
made popular by Kim Kardashian as one of her go-to anti-aging treatment. And who doesn’t
want to age like The Kardashians?

Why “Vampire”, you ask? Well because it is all about your own blood… it can’t get more natural
than that. When you come in to see us at The Box Med Spa, Dr. Gabel will draw your blood,
then spin it in a centrifuge to separate the plasma from the other components of the blood,
including red blood cells. Your plasma has platelets and growth factors that help stimulate your
own body to produce collagen and elastin and produce new skin cells, resulting in amazing
improvements in wrinkles and skin texture when combined with microneedling to complete
your Vampire Facial.

What happens next? Your plasma is used as a serum and microneedled into the face.
Microneedling involves using a small device that has tiny sharp needles on the tip that creates
micro-trauma to your skin, which is already numb from the local anesthetic creams. This tricks
your body into thinking it has to repair damage, which all results in a renewal and healing
process and creates new skin cells, collagen and elastin from within. You end up after are a
much brighter, younger looking skin, naturally. This treatment helps with not only fine lines and
wrinkles but acne scars and hyperpigmentation issues as well. From start to finish you will be at
the spa for about an hour. Book your appointment by calling 561.717.8903 and start your
celebrity anti-aging treatments now!