As the years have changed so have the methods of hair removal. People have been looking for a way to remove their unwanted hairs without the hassle of dealing with cuts, razor bumps, or the pain of tape being ripped away from their flesh for quite some time. Both men and women wanted a way to remove the hair off certain areas of their bodies for long lengths of time or permanently. That is where laser hair removal comes into play.

Laser hair removal is a procedure that people are turning to in order to remove the hairs that they find themselves constantly dealing with and no longer want to worry about. At one time it was thought to be only a woman’s issue. But, now more men are all for having the procedure done. There are five laser hair removal small areas that people are targeting for laser hair removal procedures to be done:

  • Upper lip
  • Chin
  • Eyebrows
  • Chest
  • Abdominal Line

There are other areas of the body like arms, legs, bikini lines and backs that men and women have done, but some people find these small areas perfect for getting the laser hair removal procedure done.

The procedure is done with a specific beam of light bypassing the upper layer of skin destroying the hair follicles so hair will no longer grow in that targeted area without hurting the skin. These procedures take different amounts of visits depending on the area. This is done to make sure the area you want taken care of is completely done for your laser hair removal small areas.

You should shave before having your laser hair removal procedure done. If you’re into waxing, wait at least a week before getting it done to allow your hair to grow. The laser has to apply heat to your hair in order to destroy the cells in the hair follicles. If your hair is too long, there may be a chance that the laser will burn your skin. Be sure to pay attention to all the safety precautions your physician explains to you along with the different types of lasers that can be used for your procedure.
There are other lasers that are used, but these three lasers are well known to be very effective when it comes to hair removal.

Laser hair removal is becoming more popular with men. At one time just the mention of laser surgery being performed would automatically bring a woman into mind. But now, more men are having these procedures done even in places where you think only a woman would have it done. Many athletes go through laser hair removal. Some of them feel the procedure will help their performance. Some cyclist goes through the procedure because the hair causes irritation when they sweat and sometimes chaffing. Bodybuilders do it so they can show off every inch of their muscles.

Athletes like bodybuilders, cyclists, and even swimmers do laser hair removal small areas for professional reasons, the average guy nowadays is having laser hair removal for simpler reasons. They’re not comfortable with a lot of hair all over their body. Back, chest, stomach, and other areas that men feel the hair is growing out of their control or to their comfort have more men moving towards laser hair removal. There are some manscaping devices out there for men to use, but having this procedure done saves them time because of its lasting effects.

Another reason why both, men and women have laser hair removal procedures done because they think it is better for their hygiene. That, of course, is not true. If you wash your body every day with or without hair in your private areas, you shouldn’t have a problem with your hygiene. However, having a hairy behind can have some issues at times and itchiness can occur. Hair pressed up against your skin from being covered with clothing can become hot and irritating to those lower regions especially in the summertime. That is when you will be hearing men and women going out to get bikini laser hair removal done. They are not just for women anymore.

Having laser hair removal done on larger areas of the body like your chest or back can take about 15 to 30 minutes to have laser hair removal small areas done. Smaller areas like above your lip, chin, and sideburns usually takes a few minutes. People could take time out of their lunch breaks from work to have them done. It’s so simple, and non-evasive that you can be in and you, without any downtime. You want to be sure you avoid plucking and waxing before going through with the procedure if it is what you decided on. If you have been using tweezers and tapes to pull your hairs out, you should wait until the hairs start growing back.

Getting laser hair removal done is a crucial step to help you feel better in your skin, and making your life easier. Not having to groom even the smallest body parts is just one less thing you have to worry about on the day to day. Your hairs may not be permanently removed, but you won’t have to worry about shaving again. Before getting laser hair removal, you should do thorough research on the doctor or technician who is performing the procedure. If you know anyone who has had the procedure done themselves, ask them if they can recommend you to whomever they used, especially if you are impressed with the way they look with their results. Box Med specialized in laser hair removal for smaller and larger areas, and we can help you attain your best look in just minutes. Contact us today for a free consultation.