Juvederm is the brand name given to a cosmetic filler that features a high concentration of the naturally occurring volume agent called hyaluronic acid filler. Because Juvederm is composed of natural ingredients, it is guaranteed by the FDA to work for a full year. As a cosmetic procedure, the use of this filler is a minimally invasive, very comfortable experience that will give you a youth and vitality that will make you feel better about your appearance than you have in years.

With so many volume agents available, Juvederm has several features that make it one of the best. It is a perfect choice for those who wish to have a procedure done but do not have much time to invest in it, and want the procedure to be simple and free of pain. Keep reading for the top six stellar reasons why you should choose Juvederm.

1. It is Almost Relaxing

A lot of people do not want to get, or put off getting a cosmetic procedure done because they have heard that they often cause a great deal of pain and they require a lengthy recovery process. While that is sometimes the case, usually with procedures that require a surgeon and a possible hospital stay, with Juvederm, it is just an injection, so you never have to worry about that. Each of the injections of this hyaluronic acid contain lidocaine, a general, non-addictive pain reliever. Though many people choose to deal with lingering pain by using over the counter pain relief tablets.

In addition to not hurting a lot, the recovery time for a Juvederm injection is very nearly instantaneous. You get up to a year of the fantastic extreme smoothing and plumping results without having to sacrifice much of your time for an involved recovery. A local anesthetic is often applied around the injection site, but this should fade within a couple of hours. It is no more hazardous or time consuming than having a cavity filled at the dentist. Botox Boca Raton has the same minimally invasive attributes and can be administered at The Box Med Spa.

2. It Will Not Last Forever

If you have received Juvederm filling treatments and want it for a special occasion only, or have decided to age gracefully, embracing your appearance fully, you should realize that this is not a life-long augmentation. Unlike a tattoo, the chemical components of each injection are completely biodegradable, so all they need is a little time to break down for good. In no time at all, this filler will make your lips look full and plump, but it will not keep them that way for good.

If you treat an injection of Juvederm like a temporary procedure, you can get them as often as you feel comfortable with. However, if you would like to see the benefits perpetually, it will require regular injections. It is natural and safe, approved by the FDA for human use, and it is not a life sentence. The ephemeral nature of Juvederm mean that you do not have to make up your mind right this second.

3. It is Quick and Painless

So many of us have very busy and hectic lives, so the fact that you can get a Juvederm injection in an average of fifteen minutes is great news. It is a completely pain-free procedure that will not eat into your valuable time. The filling agent is guaranteed by the FDA to keep working for up to a year, and while the times may vary for you to see optimal results, many people one need a single treatment.

If you are filling a relatively simple part of your body, like your lips, the results can be seen almost immediately and there is no wait time for regular activities, such as wearing makeup or eating a meal. An injection requires no recovery time, so you are free to return to work, albeit with a more youthful glow. Botox Boca Raton is just as quick and painless, and Dr. Gabel will determine, which, if any filler is required based on your individual needs.

4. It Can Work in Multiple PlacesĀ 

We all know that the plumpness and elasticity of skin is thanks to the amount of collagen we have in our bodies. Did you know that Juvederm’s active ingredient, hyaluronic acid has been shown to stimulate the further production of collagen? This can help prevent wrinkles, restore ones that have already formed, and give your skin a glowing health that was common in your youth.

This filler is becoming quite popular as a filler for the lips. It has been shown to work on a variety of shapes and sizes of mouths, leaving them all with a full, youthful plumpness they were missing. The use of Juvederm as a filler can give you back confidence and give your appearance the youthful appeal that you want. Botox Boca Raton also has an array of uses.

5. You Will Not Look Fake

A lot of people are scared of injection fillers not because they are painful, but because they have a tendency to give a look that is anything but natural. Fearful of a frozen face or perpetually surprised looking eyebrows, people are not taking advantage of this revolutionary filler that can drastically improve their appearance.

However, if this is what you fear, Juvederm would like to put your worries to rest. The natural ingredient is hyaluronic filling acid, a chemical that is naturally occurring in our bodies. It is designed to give you a natural look, because it is made from chemicals you can find in the human body. Botox Boca Raton gives the same realistic feeling.

6. You Will Love Your Results

Treating yourself to a Juvederm injection in an attempt to improve your appearance is a great way to boost your confidence as well as your self esteem. It is a minimally invasive, quick procedure that requires little time on your part. The results appear almost immediately and they can last for up to a year. No matter where on your anatomy you use this filler, it will show great results. The natural nature of this injection is designed to be completely comfortable and give you a natural, more youthful appearance. Dr. Gabel and The Box Med Spa are experts when it comes to dermal fillers. Contact us today for a free consult.