Since time immemorial men and women have been trying to find ways of cheating or slowing the natural process of aging even if only aesthetically. For instance, through history you learn how Cleopatra, an Egyptian ruler, and Poppea managed to stay younger and beautiful. It is said both the Egyptian queen and the wife to a Roman ruler used a lotion of milk and honey to appear youthful and stunning.

Now thanks to modern science it has been established that milk and honey are useful in skin nourishment and cleansing by killing bacteria and viruses.

There is no doubt that there are cultures that still respect aging gracefully as elders are well-regarded and respected. Yet youthfulness is gradually more treasured and desired than life experience. As per the Society of Plastic Surgeons in America, there has continued to be an upsurge in the number of people taking youthful body shaping procedures. In 2018, there were more than 17.5 million skin-deep procedures performed.

A leading option that can help in restoring your youthful appearance is courtesy of Botox Boca Raton. This minimally-invasive procedure for anti-aging is safe and involves the botulinum toxin A (a serum) introduction in your skin and face for paralyzing muscles momentarily. The FDA approved the use of Botox in 2002. Consequently, see below how this non-surgical cosmetic procedure can help in achieving a youthful appearance.

1. Improves Skin Elasticity

With the natural process of aging, a resultant effect is reduced production of collagen and elastin causing your skin to become loose.

The good news is that studies have established the importance of this non-surgical procedure in increasing skin elasticity by up to 30%. With the enhanced skin elasticity it means gradual elimination of your aging wrinkles resulting in a younger look.

2. Discourages Wrinkle Formation

The anti-aging procedure not only eliminates old wrinkles but also can help in safeguarding you from the formation of new face wrinkles. That is possible due to the enhanced skin elasticity courtesy of the injection. When the serum is injected into the appropriate muscles under fine lines and wrinkles, the muscles are restrained from contracting.

For new wrinkles formation to be discouraged continuously it means you have to receive the Botox Boca Raton injections regularly.

3. Combats Oily Skin

Oily skin emanates from the production of excess oily secretion, simply known as sebum, by the sebaceous glands. Although the oily secretion is vital in skin protection and hydration, however when it is too much it can not only lead to oily skin but also bad skin and blocked skin pores.

When you have oily skin it is enticing to conceal it using makeup. Note though that particular makeups especially oil-based can worsen the situation.

The Botox Boca Raton injection procedure can help assist your skin in the elimination of the oily secretion and clogged pores and give you an appearance that is unblemished and photo-perfect. The injection is performed extensively including in wrinkled areas.

4. Enhances Masculinity

Being masculine aesthetically provides a way of restoring youthful appearance in men. Men are equally as concerned as women about achieving and preserving an appearance that is nice-looking and manly.

Being masculine for a man can help in staying ahead in the dating world as it is essential physical quality women are always looking for in men. As well when you belong in one of the most competitive careers, manly appearance can help match your energy and pace with the relatively younger coworkers.

5. Creates A Perfect Face Shape

Invasive surgeries are increasingly being utilized in improving the face shape specifically for people aging leading to ultimate facial structure changes. Even so, invasive surgeries should be avoided due to the numerous risks involved such as infection, complications and bleeding.

That is why many men and women are opting for Botox Boca Raton in the hope of benefiting from an attractive V-shaped face.

A leading reason why your face may appear square or unattractive is owing to the jaw muscle enlargement. With the injection of the neurotoxic protein into the jaw muscle it results in its relaxation and as a consequence the shape face softens.

6. Treating Aging Effects On The Neck Areas And Mental Protuberance

The chin and neck area usually are a main concern for people due to the open presentation of visible aging signs. As a solution, this non-surgical procedure is relied upon together with other treatment procedures in the reduction or elimination of aging effects.

The treatment works by enabling the muscles found in the chin and neck to tighten producing a face appearing firm and fresher.

7. Decreases Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating, also referred to as hyperhidrosis, is caused by the sweat glands becoming more reactive due to other underlying issues and not because of temperature and physical exercise. Hyperhidrosis can be worsened by other issues like anxiety and stress.

Sweating excessively is not great as your body losses a lot of water leading to rigid, flaking and cracked skin. So instead of appearing younger, you look older and worn out. Using Botox Boca Raton injections on your armpit is essential as it impairs the functioning of sweat glands to safeguard against excessive perspiration.

8. Treats Depression And Anxiety

Anxiety and depression tend to increase as you get older. In fact more than 50 million adults in the USA are affected by the two health conditions.

This safe and non-invasive solution helps in inhibiting and relaxing the frown muscles, a conduit for showing emotions such as anxiety, unhappiness, and anger. With better mood it translates to less or no depression and anxiety and younger appearance as your muscles are relaxed instead of contracting.

9. Improves Sex Life

Youths benefit more from better sex life than adults as they mostly do not suffer from old-age related sex issues like Erectile Dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Using this particular Botox Boca Raton injectable treatment option into the penis can be useful in relaxing the existing muscles leading to improved sexual performance and vitality. Better sex life means you are energetic and can feel confident and younger in appearance.

10. Eliminates Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are mainly caused by old age, a common indicator that you are aging. Tears are essential in lubricating and maintaining the proper health of your eyes for achieving a clear vision.

With the relaxing of eye and tear muscles made possible by Botox injection there is increased production in the amount and quality of tears. With no dry eyes associated with old-age, there is the restoration of a younger look.

Getting Botox

While it is proving impossible for the complete elimination of aging, science has shown that through different anti-aging procedures the process can be slowed down. To restore and maintain your younger appearance safely with Botox Boca Raton treatments, contact Dr. Gabel at Box Med Spa today.