The face you show the world is an important one. Feeling confident with clean and glowing skin from head to toe is good for your self-esteem and success. Blemishes and skin issues are a part of everyone’s life, but there are several actions you can take to help your skin look and feel the best. Getting a medical grade facial is one thing you can do to keep your skin looking great. Many people know about the spa facial but medical facials are becoming very popular. Here are five reasons medical grade facial are better than non-medical facials.

Doctors Understand Skin

Doctors perform medical facials. Estheticians are the people who perform non-medical facials. Although estheticians do have the necessary knowledge to perform spa facials, they do not have the experience or knowledge of an MD. You want an MD to perform your facials. They know skin. They have hours and hours of experience and education on all things skin if performing medical facials at their med spa. You will have an evaluation and conversation about your skin prior, this way the doctor can know the best kind of medical grade facial to give you.

As doctors were training and obtaining their licenses, they learned about all different skin conditions. This way if you have a skin condition they can help. Going to an MD for a medical facial, you are guaranteed that your provider is an expert in what they do. Not only can they give you the best treatment, but doctors can also use different products than estheticians.

Better Products are Used with Medical Facials

Being a doctor allows a provider to use a whole different line of products. The creams and scrubs doctors can get are not the same as what consumers and estheticians get. You may think that all people who work on skincare use the same cream, scrubs, and cleansers, no. Every level of skin treatment has different products. Also, one doctor can use one product and another doctor will use an entirely different product. This is the same for the people who perform spa facials. During your consult, you will have a conversation with the doctor and find out what products will be used based on your individual needs. The fact is that doctors have access to better medical grade facial products for a medical facial than aestheticians.

Your Treatment is Customized

When you go to an MD, they have a deep conversation with you and a look at your skin. Doctors find out what kind of skin you have and what problems you might be having. With their expertise, an MD will make a plan for your skin and facial that will fit you specifically. Non-medical facials can’t be so detailed. There is usually a very streamlined menu at a spa for spa facials. A doctor will look at you and your skin and make a chart that details your needs and wants. With the knowledge the doctor has, they can be very specific in giving you a medical grade facial that will fit you just about perfectly.

You’ll Learn More About Your Skin

Skin is more complex than just the way we look. What you put into your body is just as important as putting creams on your skin. Your genetics play a role in your skin. Doctors know all of these things and can help educate you on what is best to eat to make your skin look it’s best. So having a custom medical grade facial is not just about having a facial. A doctor is there with you for the long haul. As your skin changes, your doctor can help you make adjustments to better take care of your skin. Your medical grade facial will change with age.

The best skin information will come from a doctor that knows the parameters of skin. It helps when you have adopted good habits that best takes care of your skin. Good habits to adopt and more skin information is how your doctor will help you in the long run. If you live in a dry climate versus a humid climate, your skincare and medical grade facial needs will change. There is so much that goes into beautiful skin. A doctor will help you with all your questions. A medical facial will help take care of some of the skincare needs you have.

Medical Facials Are More Effective

Medical facials are better than non-medical facials overall. There is a time and a place for spa facials. Spa facials are great for getting ready for weddings or to pass time on a cruise ship. If you truly want good skin, then getting a medical grade facial is the way to go. Being in the care of a doctor is very effective in having good skin. Whether skin is dry, oily, combination, or acne-prone, you should be using products that are effective on your skin. Skin reacts differently to different products. A doctor will find the right product that will help work with the balance of your skin. This is one of the main ways a medical facial is more effective. The products you use make a difference on your skin.

The best thing to do is make an appointment for a free consult with The Box Med Spa. Find out what great things we can do for you. First, you’ll meet doctor Gabel. Then the two of you will come up with a plan that best suits your skin. You can work towards your first medical facial and find out how great they are.

Taking care of your skin is a good choice. Eating right, sleeping well, and drinking lots of water is the first start to great skin. Outside treatments can greatly help improve the look and feel of your skin. Making an appointment with The Box Med Spa is a step in the right direction to get a medical facial. There is no reason why you can not still get a spa facial every once in a while. However, once you see how great the medical grade facial works, you may not want to.

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