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AccuTite, or REAL; Radio Frequency Assisted Lipolysis is the next evolution in fast acting, safe and effective skin tightening. This ground breaking procedure was created in order to tighten skin in traditionally “tricky” places, such as hard to reach and small areas. It is minimally invasive, with virtually no incisions. There is no scarring, and the recovery time is extremely minimal. The procedure lasts up to five years, which is far beyond past technologies. Dr. Gabel is expertly trained in all areas of skin tightening, and can help you develop a personalized plan today. 



Evolve is one of the newest aesthetic procedures that taps into the skins own ability to regenerate new news and restore a youthful appearance. Through radio-frequency technology, deep cell tissue is stimulated in order to accelerate the production of collagen. This process leaves the skin looking years younger, restoring it to a more youthful state. Evolve works on both large and small parts of the body, and is extremely effective as reducing cellulite, and tightening and improving your overall body shape.