A Comprehensive Look At What Botox Is And How It Could Help Patients


Let’s talk about what Botox Boca Raton is first. Botox is a drug made from the toxin, bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It can be used in small doses to help patients treat health concerns like correcting lines and/or wrinkles on the face. It also helps with the overall appearance of the skin, no matter how old you might be.

The Science Behind How It Works

Botox causes temporary muscle paralysis, so the Acetylcholine cannot do its job. The Botox injection works itself into the nervous system and disrupts the process of muscle contraction. There is a messenger (acetylcholine) that usually sends a message at the crossroads where the axon nerve endings meet the neuromuscular junction. The Acetylcholine is supposed to ensure the muscle contractions are happening. The Botox injection stops the Acetylcholine from doing its job. It forces the muscles to stop contracting and stiffen up (ensuring flaccid paralysis).

What Are the Uses?

The main use is to correct facial wrinkles. According to multiple studies, Botox Boca Raton is one of the more popular forms of cosmetic surgery. As of 2016, more than 7 million people have had it done. Now those reports are over four years old. The number has probably doubled by now.

Now, depending on the type of treatments you get, the effects are going to last up to one year, maybe less. Some patients reported needed botox injects every three months. Others say they only need to go back every six months or so.

The common issues people face that require Botox Boca Raton are:

The frown lines(the glabellar lines, sometimes called, elevens).
The wrinkles near the eyes(in other words, crow’s feet).
The horizontal lines near the forehead(you know the ones I am talking about).
The lines at the corner of the mouth( yeah, the kind of sneak up on you).
The “cobblestone” skin on the neck. You probably know it as “the turkey neck”. It is a pain in the butt, whatever you want to call it.

Botox also helps with the dark circles under your eyes. Some have said that Botox helps with hair thinning and other issues related to hair upkeep. Right now, there are some studies, but more are being conducted to ensure quality care for patients.

The FDA has also approved the use of Botox Boca Raton for some of the following:

Crossed eyes and eyes spasms.
Excessive sweating(Hyperhidrosis).
There is a neurological disorder, Dystonia.

It can also be used to treat psoriasis, as well as other medical issues.

How Does the Procedure Work?

Botulinum toxin is diluted in saline and then, it is injected into the tissue of the problem area. It can take anywhere from 24-72 hours for the botox to take effect. It is very rare, but sometimes it does happen, where you might not have to wait five days or more to see the effects.

Those of you who have allergies, are pregnant, or are currently breastfeeding should not indulge. Consult us doctor before you book your appointment so we can assure you get the proper care.

Are There Any Risks Associated With Botox Boca Raton Injections?

There are going to be side-effects associated with the procedure (just like anything else in life). Some people call them risks. Others refer to them as side-effects.

You could have mild pain or an area might swell temporarily. Those things should go away after a brief period.
You could have flu-like symptoms, including headaches, dizziness, upset stomach, and temporary paralysis of the muscles in that area.

Those are just some of the side-effects associated with botox. Most of them are temporary and do not leave any lasting mark. You need to have a long talk with your doctor about the procedure and what you can expect.

A Few Tips To Consider Before Getting the Injections

1) Make sure you know where the Botox Boca Raton is coming from and that you’re choosing Box Med Spa for your procedure, where Dr. Gabel administers it and not a nurse practitioner or lesser qualified individual.

You also need to be sure that your product is not contaminated in any way. Some of the less-than-credible doctors will take the damaged product and pass it off as something credible. In other words, know where your product comes from and why, which is another reason to come to Box Med Spa.

2) An abnormally low price indicates the dosage might be diluted in some way. Low price means there is something wrong with it. Too high of a price means the doctor is trying to gauge you on the price. Research the current price for quality Botox injections. That way you know what it should cost you. Box Med Spa will never inflate prices.

Make sure your doctor is honest with you about your situation.

Some less-than-reputable doctors will order their products from out-of-the-country. They do that to keep their price low, but then, they will increase your price. That is illegal. Stay away from people like that and visit Box Med Spa for reassurance you are getting the real deal.

3) Always consult with a professional before you do this. You need to talk to someone who has done this before.

Box Med Spa offers free consultations. We are thorough, honest and consistent and want to be your med spa of choice for life! If you’d like to book a free consult for when we re-open, give us a call today.

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