Full Face Laser Hair Removal – Benefits

Full face laser hair removal utilizes pulses of concentrated laser light in order to destroy the underlying hair follicle of any unwanted hair. It has been becoming a more improved and modernized process that has more clients than ever before seeking to use it to keep themselves looking great. It can work well in conjunction with a Botox treatment that will reduce any appearance of unwanted face wrinkles. There are a myriad of benefits and some of these are in the following list:

Eliminating the Need To Shave

There is a dark pigment in the hair follicle that a laser light is able to beam in on. Afterwards, it is unable to grow any new hair and that eliminates the need for shaving of the facial area or wherever the method is utilized. Some may have been using waxing or tweezing in order to keep the hair out of sight, and they can now rid themselves of the hassle for that as well.

A Wide Selection of Available Area Treatments

Everyone will have a different place on the face that they would like to see hair eliminated from, and this goes for both men and women. It can be applied to isolated small areas like the upper lip or chin, medium areas like half face, or the larger areas such as the full face during full face laser hair removal

Painless Treatment

The newest devices utilize cooling mechanisms that will keep everything comfortable and painless when applied. The newer laser devices are able to now come with safety mechanisms that keep them safe on any skin type. In the past, those with fair complexions and darker coarse body hair had better results due to the way that the energy of the laser was emitted. It was like sunlight that is attracted more to darker clothing colors. But now, a number of the complications have been eliminated so that it is an even better option than ever for the complete spectrum of complexions and skin types.

There are a number of steps that usually make up the customized treatment plan. First, the area is cleansed and a cooling gel is applied. Then, the area is ready for the face laser hair removal. The laser pulse has been compared to the sensation of a rubber band snap, but this depends a little on the actual hand piece that is used. A cooling tip now means that it is even more comfortable than before and often has been reported as no pain level at all. The pulses are shorter and more continuous with a higher frequency that places the energy deep into the dermis so that there is often no pain at all due to therapeutically effective heat build-up. Others have reported it as being similar to a light massage because of the way that the treatment area is rubbed in a continuous circular motion.

Wide Spectrum Of Hair Color Options

Hair color is probably the most important factor that will relate to the forcefulness of the techniques used. There is a greater impact on darker hair colors but blonde, red, and gray hair can still be removed as well. However, it is possible that the effects will be lesser realized on those lighter colors.

Quick and Long-lasting Results

Often, people seeking such a treatment need the most expedited option available. That is why these modern devices that allow things to be handled in a span of minutes are so ideal for those looking for a fast method that might even be utilized on something like a lunch break. There will be no recovery time, so the patient can continue on with their daily routine immediately after receiving full face laser hair removal

Elimination Of Previous Drawbacks

Because of the fact that the hair follicle itself is targeted so as to bypass the skin completely there are even less chances of negative effects than before. Any burn risk has been lowered to practically zero percent because of the modernized cooling techniques discussed above. Some darker skin types might still be susceptible to hyperpigmentation, as long as the treatment has properly customized to each individual depending on their exact skin type and color. The amount of skin pigmentation is appropriately measured using a meter so that the treatment plan can be outlined specifically as needed for each individual patient. A mild swelling around the hair follicles that received the laser along with a slight redness to the skin area were reported in other laser methods, but we are confident that there is only a slight risk in this regard nowadays. The same is true for the blistering, scarring, and crusting that temporary irritation once caused in the past.

Overrides Electrolysis Methods

If you are looking for a more effective and faster manner of treatment, then the full face laser hair removal is a significantly better option than older electrolysis. The latter method treats a single hair at a time so that a more substantial time commitment is required to handle everything the most effectively. Electrolysis might still be a better alternative to the lighter or white hair, but the clients who want to get darker hair off of their face should definitely stick to lasers. Likewise, laser pulses are best able to quickly treat a smaller area that would still require a great bit of time for electrolysis means.

As you can see, there has never been a better time than now to get started with a full face laser hair removal treatment. Box Med Spa are experts in this procedure, so book your appointment today.  It only takes a few sessions to see true results with most patients seeing 4 to 6 sessions as ideal, and after the initial treatment a maintenance session is recommended once a year.

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