What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a natural collagen induction therapy. This procedure uses tiny needles to puncture the skin. The damage caused by the needles encourages your body to send healing agents to result in your own elastin and collagen production. As the skin heals, you will be left with a radiant new complexion. There are two ways of doing the treatment itself. We either utilize a microneedling pen or a microneedling device with radiofrequency technology to have more impressive results and significantly tighten the skin.

What does microneedling treat?

Microneedling is a specialized facial rejuvenation therapy that treats a variety of skin conditions that includes acne and acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, loose skin, aged skin texture, enlarged pores, stretch marks, sun spots and skin discoloration.

Am I a candidate microneedling?

Microneedling can be done on all skin types!

What is recovery like after microneedling?

Most people will notice redness and mild swelling similar to a slight sunburn, and you may have minor pinpoint bleeding for 24-48 hours. Everything will all heal within a week after your microneedling treatment.

When will I see results after microneedling?

Your skin will be noticeably smoother and more radiant within a week or two of your first microneedling treatment. For optimal results, collagen induction requires at least three treatments, and scar reduction requires at least six. Full results will take a few months to appear after your final treatment. You may want to have a maintenance treatment once or twice a year in order to enjoy long lasting results.

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