What is Revepeel? It is a chemical peel that is used to repair the skin(at the cellular level). Revepeel removes the top layers of skin (the layers that have the most damage). According to many patients and skin specialists, it can remove up to, and including, more than several years of damage and restore a much more youthful appearance.

Here are six things you should consider if you’re interested in getting a Revepeel treatment.

1. It is Extremely Affordable

The cost of Revepeel is totally worth it, because it’s not a high ticket item, and it takes years off your overlook look. The cost will also include some take-home products for after you get treatment. It is a deep-skin treatment that removes dead layers, helps with pigmentation, opens clogged pores, and helps with wrinkles, fine lines, and any other skin issue you might have. This is an affordable, all-in-one skin peel. It does things that others cannot, and it combines different beauty regimes into one. You do not need to get them super frequently, and it’s extremely cost effective.

2. Diverse Appeal 

There is no set requirement or eligibility. Most skin starts to age once you hit your late 20’s. That is when you should begin your skincare regiment. Experts also argue that you should get one 3-4 times a year( if you can afford to do so). Revepeel is going to help improve skin conditions like acne, fine lines, and dark spots, but do not expect them to go away. Most do not. That is why you have to keep up with your Revepeel treatments a few times a year, but not as often as other procedures that are more costly. And, the results are worth it. It is a good value compared to the other options on the market right now, and again, takes years off your skin, as well as helps with acne, and other conditions like discoloration, and uneven skin tone.

3. Revepeel is Unique in it’s Composition

Different from some of the other peels on the market in that it is made up of several acids, the concentration of the acids depends on what you want to correct with the Revepeel and the depth. You need to talk with us during a free consult about the procedure first. Discussion about lifestyle choices are important, and your goals will be the center of the consult. In other words, you do not go right in for the jugular. Do you want something simple, that isn’t done correctly? That can be taken care of all too easily with certain Med Spas that are not run by a doctor. Do you want a life changing procedure? That needs to be taken care of by Dr. Gabel at Box Med Spa.

4. Multiple Treatment Areas

You can get the treatment on your neck and chest as well as your face for a more youthful look in those areas, too. However, you have to consider the level before doing it. A Level 2 peel can automatically be administered on the neck and chest. This is something you can discuss with Dr. Gabel in person during your free consult.

5. Removal of Peach Fuzz and Dead Skin 

Removing excess “peach fuzz” and dead skin layers before doing the Revepeel procedure is an added bonus that helps the overall results of the procedure. This is done so that the Revepeel procedure can have its maximum benefit. It will also reduce any flaking that might happen after the procedure. Finally, it will ensure an equal distribution of the peel during the procedure.

6. Home Skincare Plan, Customized for You 

Having a customized skincare procedure using Box Med Spa’s top of the line products will ensure the procedure lasts a long time. It will also help you reduce your recovery time. Those without a proper, daily skincare routine are going to take longer to bounce back, so we never allow a client to leave without the proper regime, customized to their needs and goals.  Because your skin is not used to the procedure, it’s important to have the proper regime in place to that you have a flawless, safe and easy recovery, with great results.

Other Revepeel Considerations 

1. The Sun is Not Your Friend Before or After this Procedure

Sun, in small doses with proper protection gives skin the healthy dose of Vitamin C which it needs, but, do to the nature of procedure, it is important not to be exposed to the sun before or after, for at least a few weeks, in order to ensure the best results. We advise that you should not expose your face to the sun for at least a week afterwards, but it might be longer depending on how extensive the Revepeel treatment is for you personally. Going out into the sun too soon will cause damage. It could reverse everything the peel did, and it could make your skin worse.

2. Do Not Exercise

Exercise is not going to help you recover any sooner. Some also think that hot tubs are going to be okay. This both need to be avoided during your recovery. You need to avoid those things for at least two days(minimum) if you want your skin to heal. Otherwise, you could have issues like sunburn to contend with, so following aftercare instructions is crucial, and we will hold your hand throughout the process.

3. Not Everyone “Peels” – And that’s Normal 

Some may assume (incorrectly) that you need to “peel” to know if it worked or not. That is a myth brought on by the word “peel” being present in the name. What happens if you do peel? The same results as if you don’t. Everyone person’s skin type will react differently and the procedure does not cause each person to peel. The results are still the same – younger, smoother, beautiful skin.

4. Do Not Do This is Pregnant

Natural exfoliating facials are the route to go if you are or may be pregnant, as the acids are not good for you little bun. There are a number of other options, such as our Salt Facial, and take home products that will work well in in interim until you have delivered your little angel.

If you’re interested in learning more about Revepeel, or want to book a free, virtual consultation, reach out today.

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