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We love teens and preteens and teaching them the concept of beauty and skin health. Mostly we want to emphasize and show our teens the importance of good skin care habits, from a young age and begin a routine that includes sunscreen use from the earliest age possible. At The Box Med Spa we offer a variety of treatments geared towards teen, acne prone, young skin and their very specific concerns that include facials, light therapy, peels and laser treatments.

1. Facials are the perfect treatment for the struggling adolescent. The earlier you assist your teenager in caring for their skin, the better they will be in calming redness, breakouts and avoiding future scars. We take this opportunity to educate to them on good habits to care for their skin as we treat them during their visit to the spa.

2. Chemical peels can be used for active acne breakouts and hyperpigmentation reactions to acne, which are a constant concern for this age group. Scar prevention is essential for acne prone skin so treating active breakouts helps limit the amount of scarring that will be visible as an adult.

3. LED light therapy is used for its anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties to improve acne breakouts and prevent further breakouts when a clear skin is achieved, also helping to limit the scarring risk from active breakouts.

4. Laser treatments for acne scarring can be used if long term acne has led to deep scarring or hyperpigmentation, which should be started early to get the best results possible.

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