Medical specialists, including dermatologists and orthopedists, are turning to PRP or platelet rich plasma therapies. More physicians are using various treatments for facial enhancement and to heal injuries. Recent PRP research studies are reporting positive results of its effectiveness as treatments for facial rejuvenation and other cosmetic procedures.

While the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) Medical Journal reports there are significant limitations of evidence and research supporting the procedural therapy, studies suggest the treatments are safe and effective. ASPS concluded the report stating there is a necessity for more research to optimize PRP treatment techniques.

There are also no standardized PRP formulation and injection techniques. For now, the organization is relying on its documentations for clinical practice guidance. There are 14 studies that evaluated the use of platelet rich plasma injections for rejuvenation of the face. The results were impressive, showing positive aesthetic outcomes with platelet rich plasma injections and PRP injections incorporated with fat grafting.

If you are considering facial rejuvenation treatments, or a vampire boobs treatment this overview of PRP treatments will provide essential information in the following topics;

  • What is PRP
  • PRP Treatment vs Botox Treatment
  • Types of PRP Therapies
  • The Process of PRP
  • Benefits of PRP Treatments
  • Recommendations after Treatments

What is PRP?

A platelet rich plasma treatment is a procedure dermatologists and surgeons use to inject patients to support tissue regeneration. Physicians will draw blood from a patient first and treat it, separating the PRP from the other components of the blood. Men and women utilize PRP therapies to improve the volume, tone, and texture of their facial skin and to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Research suggests the procedure for enhancing beauty is safe with a low rate of complications.

PRP Treatment vs Botox Treatment

PRP is a blood extraction comprising platelet, proteins, and growth factors for healing injuries and skin tissues. Doctors use injections for cosmetic therapies as well as for treating pain of the elbow, foot, and knee. After you receive a platelet rich plasma injection, it starts a stem cell growth in the skin.

Initialization of the stem cell causes collagen producing cells known as fibroblasts to form. Fibroblasts replace damaged tissues caused by aging, making the skin look rejuvenated and refreshed. Compared to Botox, the PRP treatment is safer and has no side effects beside soreness for a few days.

The FDA approved Botox injections as a treatment for winkles on the face and fine lines on the forehead and around the eyes. It is also a therapy for treating sweaty armpits, a disorder called axillary hyperhidrosis. It works by blocking the nerve signal to the muscles. A Botox injection uses a toxin to prevent a muscle movement temporarily. It produces microbe that creates a food poisoning referred to botulism. It is the first drug to use the toxin type.

Types of PRP Therapies

  • Cosmetics PRP Therapy
  • Injury PRP Therapy for Sprained Knees and Chronic Tendon
  • Hair Restoration PRP Therapy

Cosmetics or beauty PRP therapy is a procedure for treating and enhancing the elasticity of the facial skin and neck, and our specialty procedure, the Vampire Boob Lift. It is effectual, and the safest facial therapeutic procedure compared to fillers that comprise synthetic substances. The procedure is a safe technique because of the production of plasma from the patient’s blood. The platelet rich plasma has white blood cells that act as defenders against various infections.

Surgeons and orthopedists use PRP therapy to treat men, women, and athletes with knee sprain and chronic tendon injuries. The injections provide quick relief of pain and a speedy recovery from surgery. A doctor injects the platelet rich plasma into the injured site and a surgeon may treat an injury during a surgery using the plasma injection. The Box Med Spa specializes in cosmetic PRP treatments and vampire boobs.

Based on research studies, PRP is safe and effective for hair loss treatment. The procedure takes approximately 10 minutes to perform and requires multiple treatment sessions for results of full hair growth. Dermatologists perform the procedure by injecting PRP into the area of the scalp with hair loss.

PRP Treatment Process

The PRP treatment process involves the drawing of blood from your arm and retrieving its platelet rich plasma. Before the procedure, a physician injects you with an anesthetic to numb the area being treated with PRP. Once the injection enters under the facial skin, the platelets begins to breakdown and release growth factors to grow natural cells and renew the tissue. It is a 30-minute procedural process to perform. Our vampire boobs procedure uses this process to lift and rejuvenate.

Nine Benefits of PRP Treatments

1. Improved tone, texture, and volume of the skin on the face and neck.

2. No risks of infections or allergic reactions.

3. Out-patient procedure, lasting for about 30 minutes.

4. Quick recovery.

5. Natural looking, safe, and reliable results.

6. Improvement of skin appearance and lifts breasts via our vampire boobs treatment

7. Reduction in the size of pores on the facial skin that collects oils and dirt.

8. The injection treatment is of all-natural biological substances.

9. Reduces wrinkles and fine lines on the neck and face.

Recommendations After PRP Treatments

Each time you receive a PRP treatment there are helpful recommendations to ensure the procedure is a success and effective. You must wait for at least 48 hours before washing the area treated with PRP. If there is soreness in the treated area, use acetaminophen for relief. Contact your doctor if you experience severe pain and swelling after the treatment.

For best results, get treatments every three to six months. One treatment is not enough to maintain overall improvement of skin texture and elasticity. You will need to repeat the procedure several times.

Platelet rich plasma therapy is common today for beauty treatments of the face and neck. It removes the wrinkles and fine lines while improving the texture of your facial skin. If you want to learn more about how PRP treatments like vampire boobs can benefit you cosmetically, contact The Box Med Spa today.

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