Medical grade facials are amazing for the skin, and are the next innovation in skin care. They are some of the best facials that a person can get. Medical grade facials help skin improve and are specifically tailored to the type of face or the person that is getting it done. Medical grade facials are facials that range from mens, women’s, teens and the acne prone. It all depends on what type of facial you want to get and the research that you do that will determine what is best for you. Box Med Spa offers medical grade facials that will help maintain the overall appearance of your skin as well as give act as an integral part of your overall skincare routine. 


What Are Medical Grade Facials 


Medical grade facials are performed in a physician’s office and use proven medical grade facial products in order to create the best possible treatment for any type of skin. They can be interchanged with other services or have things added and dropped depending on what your skin can and cannot handle. They usually start with a basic spa facial, which consists of cleansing, extractions, exfoliation, and hydration. Then it goes onto things like an ultrasound, light therapy and whatever else is needed. The best part about it is that Dr. Gady is a doctor and is medically trained so there are little providers better to get a medical grade facial from that have the accreditations at the level she does. At Box Med Spa you get the truly royal, highest level of service. 


Salt Facials


The first thing that people think of when it comes to salt facials is that it is just salt being put all over your face. That is not the case, it is a 3-step process that goes through to make sure that the skin on your face is left healthy and feeling it’s absolute best. The first step in getting a salt facial is the exfoliation using salt. The salt that is used is a medical grade fine sea salt and works because it draws out things like impurities and is also designed to balance the alkaline levels in your skin. The next step is to take hydrating antioxidants and use an ultrasound to apply it to the face. The reason that they use an ultrasound is because it allows the hydration to get 2 times deeper into the skin than just rubbing it in like normal. Then for the final step they use LED phototherapy to help reduce redness and improve collagen production. This medical grade facial is something that works for everyone and has little to no side effects.


The Man Facial


This one is specifically designed to help men’s skin because it is very different from a woman’s, so the way that the skin is taken care of should be different as well. They start out with a deep cleansing of the skin to help remove impurities. Then they may or may not do extractions of things like stubborn black heads to help really cleanse the skin. This is something that is often overlooked when it comes to men’s facials because medical grade facials are really the only ones that go into major detail in order to really help a person’s skin. The next step of the process is a deep exfoliation often using a modified salt, medical grade facial. Then finally like with the salt facial they use LED light therapy in order to improve the oil production in a man’s facial area. The other thing that comes with a man’s facial is going to be a collagen mask and eyebrow grooming if that is something you are wanting. These medical grade facials are something that men should really do as they are the best for getting everything done and keeping your skin super healthy and young looking.


The Fire and Ice Facial


This is a facial that is very intense and is recommended for people who are looking for a medical grade facial that reduces aging and wants a photo ready face. There are few facials that are not medical grade if any that are going to give you those types of results as good as medical grade. The first thing that they start with is a resurfacing mask that is composed of vitamins A & B3, sugarcane extract and other powerful ingredients. This is used to reduce things like fine lines, wrinkles and just general signs of aging on the face. The thing that makes it a fire and ice facial is the ingredients that are used to soothe and hydrate the face towards the end of the treatment. This one can give you a tingling sensation so if you have sensitive skin make sure to research this before you go get one.


The Help My Acne facial


This one is specifically designed to help maintain oily and break out prone skin. This one is customized to the persons age and skin type focusing on the results of long-term acne. It begins with a deep cleansing and possible extraction of any clogged pores. Then the next step is a very deep hydrating mask followed by a soothing mask to help sensitive skin. Then you are put under LED light therapy to aid in stopping bacterial and microbial growth and effects. This is one that is recommended to people with sensitive, oily skin because they also use collagen techniques or whatever you feel you need to reach your goal but also what your skin needs in order for it to look its best. The other cool thing is that with a medical grade facial you do not have to worry about it interfering with your regular acne treatment because they will help design one specifically for you and your skin.


To conclude, you should be getting medical grade facials because they are so much safer and more effective than regular facials. They also do more to help target the specific areas that are needed and give you longer lasting results.