An injectable dermal filler consists of gel-like matters injected into the dermis of a skin where the body’s soft tissues lie. They may be comprised of:

Injectable facial fillers
Injectable cosmetic fillers

They are absorbed into the body with its prime benefit being that of restoring the beauty, longevity, youth and overall appearance of the consumer. Its treatment is done at The Box Med Spa by Dr, Gadith Gabel and involves an injection around the area of which you wish to improve the appearance of, only after a comprehensive consultation. Once the procedure is done correctly, the benefits may often be observed sooner than expected.


1. Timely Results 


This would be ranked as the most significant benefit of using these injectable dermal fillers. This is because the results are visible almost immediately after the treatment, which involves your filler injection. Furthermore, there is no idle time used during recovery. Even shortly after the procedure, one could still go back to their previous business, whether in the office or at home. The filler injection would be a red swelling around the area of injection, which is rather ordinary but disappears after a few hours or a day at most.


2. Added Volume to Otherwise Lackluster Lips 


Injectable dermal fillers can perform wonders for your lips. They do away with the wrinkles and soften the appearance of any lines around your mouth, giving you back your natural beauty around the lips. They are also a sensation for those with thin limps by making them plumper and sexier than before and still look almost natural. They erase the embarrassment on your lips and maybe the best feature to complement your splendor. With an aesthetic practitioner with hands-on skill, a perfect glimmering look for your lips is the ultimate result.


3. An End to Facial Scars 


The use of facial injectable dermal fillers improves the appearance of the scars that most women have, and most are due to acne. Most women and ladies have had the problem of applying under makeup to cover up the face’s unsightly scars. The use of the fillers would then be a massive area of assistance to them. With this in mind, it is essential to seek your aesthetic practitioner’s advice if you could use the dermal facial fillers for certain scars.


4. Healthier and Younger Skin 


As one gets older, the skin begins to age, which is usually evident by the appearance of coarse skin texture and wrinkles. This is because scientifically, the production of collagen, which is an essential building block, regresses as one gets older. The regression of its production is accelerated by excessive sun damage to the skin.Therefore, the use of injectable dermal fillers stimulates the production of collagen as a younger person’s body would do and brings back the more youthful and healthier skin. The beauty of the dermal fillers is that it does all this in a very natural and attractive way. This is an effective skin treatment for older people who still want to look fresh and younger.


5. Overall Improvement of Wellbeing 


The other favorite part about the use of the injectable dermal fillers is that it aims at making you become the best version of yourself and not make you like a very different person as a whole. Once the injectable dermal filler is used, people would not even notice if you have done anything, but the fantastic look would be evident, and a compliment from everyone would be just enough.


6. Restoring the Plumpness of Areas 


For older people, youthful chubbiness is lost due to the loss of fat and collagen. Lose of fat leads to a skinny appearance of the body, whereas the loss of collagen would increase the number of wrinkles forming on your thin body. The look one was accustomed to is replaced with a less attractive body structure and appearance. The use of the dermal fillers, aids in counteracting these problems and makes your skin look plum-like having fuller cheeks, some healthy muscles over the skinny body and fewer wrinkles as the look is more vibrant.


7. Raising Self-esteem and Confidence


According to most users of injectable dermal fillers, the outstanding yielded results give them a vibrant look that they love and feel proud of. The dermal fillers offer good advantages for a lifetime by merely providing the fantastic natural look every individual wants. They are quality products for the treatment of your skin, giving you the beauty of every king or queen’s desires. A professional aesthetic practitioner like The Box Med Spa can assure you positive results on your body after the treatment. Onward it will give you a chance to appear out among friends, partners, colleagues, and even turn up for prestigious shows with a brighter smile and higher self-esteem to conquer every day like never before.


8. Long-term Effects


Once you get the treatment, you would enjoy the sweet fruits of its results for a long time, and they never disappoint. The more youthful, healthy, and beautiful look in most cases would stay for about a year or so. Concerning this, one would be better off opting for a quick touch-up appointment in around six months following the previous treatment. Therefore, it is vital to maintain a very treatment schedule with Dr. Gady and The Box Med Spa as the filler breaks down entirely in your body after some time.With the helpful assistance of our advice during your free consultation on the right choice of the dermal filler for your individual needs and specifications, a glamorous look of smooth, even-toned skin is just part of the fantastic results. A younger, healthier look gives one the confidence to face every day like a hero with the assurance of being the best version of him/herself. The achievement of natural-looking results gives it a plus hence meeting your skincare prerequisites. Injectable dermal fillers are a perfect treatment to be sought by everyone who needs their skincare needs met and still naturally achieve great results.