A salt facial is a three-step facial that accomplishes restoring, replenishing and rejuvenating of the skin. A salt facial will deliver immediate results. The process stimulates healthy oxygen production in the skin and will nurture, detoxify, hydrate and promote healing of the skin in a single treatment. The results provided by a salt facial are advanced beyond what a microdermabrasion can do, delivering clear, smooth and healthy skin. The salt facial process utilizes all-natural sea salt and these are just a few of the ways that a salt facial can benefit your skin.

By nature, salt is calming and balancing. It is an antimicrobial and antibacterial substance. Salt retains water so it will leave skin hydrated and plump once absorbed by the skin cells and its natural properties will, in turn, help reduce fine lines. The salt facial process takes place in three steps. Those steps are to restore, replenish and rejuvenate. The salt facial process is also more gentle on the skin than a microdermabrasion.

When restoring, pure microfine sea salt is used to remove the top layer of the skin on the face gently. This step is basically preparing your skin for optimal absorption of the substances used in the process including antioxidants, serums and moisturizers. A closed loop of pressure is used, which is safer than the microdermabrasion process. The microdermabrasion process utilizes suction. The closed loop of pressure used in a salt facial is more gentle but just as effective as suction. The positive pressure system brings maximum exfoliation minus the excessive swelling associated with traditional microdermabrasions and even medical grade facials.

After the restoration process is completed, vital nutrients are stimulated back into the skin utilizing an ultrasound module. Through the ultrasound module, cells are conditioned and opened up to accept hydration. This pushes products two times deeper, at a minimum, into the skin tissue. This restoration process also results in healthier skin texture and collagen reformation. The result of this step is firmer, tighter skin.

The final step in the salt facial process is rejuvenation. This final step uses an LED light therapy. This final step is customized according to the type of skin the client has, but overall, the process is safe for all skin types and conditions. A blue light and a red light are used in this step. The blue light kills bacteria, an anti-bacterial result, and aids in reducing inflammation while the red light helps to heal the skin and increases collagen production. The healing process includes reducing visible bruises and pain. This step can be very relaxing as you just lay there and enjoy the peace of the process. Its a truly relaxing spa treatment with many health benefits.

Some of the benefits of the salt facial are as follows:

The first benefit is that there is no downtime. You can put make-up on immediately after completing the process, in essence, once you complete the process, you can continue on with your day to day life as you typically would. Once the process is completed, you will immediately feel the benefits of the salt facial. Your skin will glow and feel as soft as it has ever felt due to the plumping and hydration that the salt facial brings to your complexion. Basically soft, supple and beautiful skin. Another option is a medical grade facial.

The salt facial is safe for all skin types. With pollution levels at an all-time high all over the world, its a universal treatment that can put your skin on the road to recovery from the damage caused by the environment and pollution. The results are quick and painless!

To recap, some of the benefits of getting a salt facial utilizing sea salt include:

Visible Results After Your First Treatment

As soon as your technician has completed the process, you will immediately see and feel the difference that this game changing process delivers. Your skin will feel supple and moisturized and you will see reduced fine lines as well as feel refreshed. You will also see vast results from medical grade facials.

Beneficial For All Skin Types

No matter what kind of skin or skin condition you have, the salt facial will improve the look, feel and health of your skin. Whether you have struggled with acne, dryness or any other kind of skin condition, this process will bring you the kind of result you have longed for in the form of moisture, plumping and reduced pigmentation.

No Negative Side Effects Or Downtime

The gentle process utilizes a closed loop of pressure and is safer and more gentle for maximum exfoliation with out swelling. The traditional microdermabrasion usually causes swelling of the face. With a salt facial, you can even apply make-up and return to your daily routine as if a treatment never occurred. No downtime!

Improves Tone, Texture & Color For Noticeably Healthier Skin

One of the best benefits of the sea salt facial is that it prepares and allows the cells in the skin to better absorb more of the vital nutrients used in the process. Nutrients like antioxidants, peptides & hyaluronic acid are absorbed 2 times deeper into the skin. This results in an improved tone, enhanced texture and color. From the moment the procedure is over, you will have noticeably healthier skin. Medical grade facials are also great for healthy skin.

All Natural Sea Salt

No harmful chemicals are ever used during the salt facial process. The star of the show is natures own, organic and all natural sea salt. This will stimulate the reformation of collagen and give you extremely healthy looking, younger and supple skin. You will look years younger. Medical grade facials are also effective.

The benefits will be felt immediately. With all of the different skin care treatments that trend and are hot but then do not deliver results, its hard to trust anyone with your skin. It can be overwhelming to see all of the different products and processes that say they are going to deliver results but never do. With all of the noted benefits and the fact that the salt facial uses only all natural sea salt, its a no-brainer. Box Med Spa offers both medical grade facials and salt facials.

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